Timur Yusufov, Pikesville, Maryland

Timur Yusufov is an entrepreneur and business professional currently living and working in Pikesville, Maryland.

Timur is a man highly dedicated to his community and is constantly working to improve it. Through one of his real estate investment companies, Unique Homes, LLC, Timur identifies and acquires distressed properties, rehabilitating them to their former glory. These homes can sometimes be over 100 years old and in very poor condition. With a good eye for detail and a keen intuition, Timur sees the potential in all of the properties he takes on.

Timur first started in the real estate industry several years ago when he and his brother-in-law purchased a five-property group of row houses in Baltimore. These hundred-year-old properties were abandoned and had clearly been neglected for decades. Timur Yusufov and his partner put together a team of highly-qualified renovators and elevated them to meet the standards of other homes in the areas. After this set of houses was renovated, they quickly became the most sought-after rental properties in the area.

Acting as the Chief Financial Officer for a group of investors, Timur Yusufov is depended upon to secure financing for all of their ventures. As such, Timur has developed a strong professional network and has connections with a number of banks and loan officers. Not only that, but Timur has built himself a strong reputation within his community and is now trusted to deliver positive results with every property he takes on.

Seeking to diversify his life and his interests, Timur has also invested in a number of other businesses. These ventures include a rehabilitation center for injured individuals, a daycare facility, a pharmacy, and a daycare center. Outside of these successful business enterprises, Timur is also investing in a line of athletic supplements.

Part of being successful in the business world is being ready for anything and not limiting yourself to just one area. As such, Timur remains open to new proposals, opportunities, and projects. If a new project appears that it will improve the equity of his community, chances are, Timur will be up for it!

Family Man

Outside of business, Timur Yusufov is a man highly dedicated to his wife and four children. Although his time off is often very limited, Timur spends every second he can with his family.