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Timur Yusufov on How Supplements Make a Better Athlete | Prague Post

Becoming an athlete is a road paved with difficult training, unexpected injuries, and various types of body aches. Nevertheless, those engaged in sports would agree that they enjoy their profession more than an average person. However, many athletes must be exposed to unorthodox eating, sleeping, and exercising habits to maintain the necessary condition.

Timur Yusufov | Inspirery

Timur Yusufov believes that the rebirth of a community begins in the imagination of a man devoted to family, friends, and community. Such is the dream being brought to fruition by one such dedicated man. A hundred years have come and gone since the first coat of paint was laid upon the walls.


Timur Yusufov is an entrepreneur and real estate investor currently living and working in Pikesville, Maryland. Through Unique Homes, LLC, Timur invests in and restores distressed properties in and around Baltimore. Timur’s efforts not only create modern, unique homes for people to live in, but also elevate the overall status of the neighborhood within which…

Timur Yusufov – Real Estate Entrepreneur

I believe that if you take good care of your team they will appreciate it and it show it in their work. I try to do my best for everyone. Timur Yusufov is a Real Estate Entrepreneur. He has invested and reinvested in developing an inner-city community bringing hope and sanctuary to a once dilapidated area.

Timur Yusufov – Australian Business Interviews

Attention to detail, dedication, and resistance. All of us here are goal-oriented and understand that even the slightest mistake can be the reason why a long-term project fails.