Timur Yusufov renovation

Ask any real estate investor: the benefits of effective home renovation are endless. By turning an outdated older home into a remodeled, modern property, you are not just enhancing your own home, you are also improving the community, as a whole. Real estate entrepreneur Timur Yusufov of Pikesville, Maryland knows the ins and outs of home renovation. In his mission to improve Baltimore’s city streets, he has invested in and renovated many local homes. He takes the time to outline some helpful renovation tips for those looking to make improvements to their property.  

Be Environmentally Conscience

As climate concerns increase with each passing year, Timur Yusufov claims that renovations that seek to reduce one’s environmental impact, maximize energy efficiency while eliminating additional costs. The integration of technology such as solar panels, automated smart thermostats, and dual flush toilets are just a few upgrades that bring added value to your property while reducing its overall impact on the environment.

Eco-conscious home remodeling increases your home’s value while improving your standard of living. Because green renovations generally reduce the overall use of energy, they also lower utility bills.

Create a Realistic Budget

As an experienced real estate investor, Timur Yusufov claims that working within a pre-determined budget is always a significant challenge when it comes to home renovation projects. Many homeowners are overly optimistic when it comes to anticipated costs; however, smart investors will be realistic about their means.

Initial spending projections should include room for potential roadblocks that may lead to overspending. When you have a realistic budget, you can rest easy, knowing that you will never run out of funds before a project is completed.

Start Small

For many, renovation does not always mean ripping down walls and tearing up ceilings. Often, it is the small details that make a significant difference, especially if you are just looking to give a facelift to a slightly outdated home. Timur Yusufov recommends replacing door knobs, putting a fresh coat of paint on door frames, updating tiling and backsplashes, and replacing sinks and faucets. Performing these smaller updates throughout the home can often pay off more than renovating a single room or space entirely.

Adhere to a Schedule

All successful home renovators know that the ability to adhere to a set schedule is one of the best ways to keep your progress moving forward. If you are making most of the updates yourself, it is easy to let extenuating circumstances slow your remodeling process or halt it entirely, leaving your home in a constant state of incomplete disarray.

For some, formal deadlines may not be necessary; concrete goals with specific timelines are generally enough to keep renovation on track and timely. If you are working on a large-scale remodeling job, breaking the project up into smaller steps and creating a timeline for each step will help you mark progress, stay motivated, and complete your renovation in a timely manner.

To avoid the mess of unfinished renovation, Timur Yusufov recommends working with a schedule. Even if you do not have formal deadlines, set goals. Break your entire renovation into smaller, doable steps, and put them on a calendar. This will help you both mark progress and stay motivated to finish your renovation process.

Last Thoughts

Even the smallest renovation efforts can sometimes make a significant difference. Updates such as new windows, fresh paint, modern appliances, and optimal lighting are enough to make a world of a difference. Whether the changes you make are big or small, they are bound to raise your property value, improve the community, and increase your overall investment.